UCANR Drone Camp

UCMBEST 3180 Imjin Rd, Marina, CA

IGIS is pleased to host the third offering of DroneCamp! This intensive workshop covers everything you need to know to use drones for mapping, research, and land management, including: Technology - the different types of drone and sensor hardware, costs and applications Drone science - principles of photogrammetry and remote sensing Safety and regulations - learn to fly safely and legally, including tips on […]

Monterey Bay DART Meetup – Marine Tech

UCMBEST 3180 Imjin Rd, Marina, CA

Join us for the first DART meetup of the fall quarter. This event will feature speakers from MATE http://www.marinetech.org/ and other regional leaders.


MBEP State of the Region

Hyatt Monterey 1 Old Golf Course Rd, Monterey, CA

MBEP’s 5th Annual State of the Region on October 25th, 2019 at the Hyatt Regency Monterey will be another compelling gathering of leaders from across the region and the state with relevant topics to inspire collaboration and action. You’ll learn about innovations in housing, healthcare, workforce, and transportation, and exciting new technologies, tools, and models that are […]

Monterey Bay Opportunity Zone Investment Forum

CSUMB Salinas City Center One Main Street, Salinas, CA

Join the Central Coast Marketing Team member municipalities (City of Marina, City of Salinas, City of Santa Cruz, City of Seaside, Gilroy Economic Development Corporation,  Monterey County)  for informative morning focused on Opportunity Zone investment opportunities within the Monterey Bay region. This event, scheduled for 8:00am - 12:30pm Friday November 15 at CSUMB Salinas City […]


Monterey Bay DART Meetup – Airspace Management

UCMBEST 3180 Imjin Rd, Marina, CA

Many beneficial civilian applications of the UAS have been proposed, from goods delivery and infrastructure surveillance, to search and rescue, and agricultural monitoring. Currently, there is no established infrastructure to enable and safely manage the widespread use of low-altitude airspace and UAS operations, regardless of the type of UAS. A UAS traffic management (UTM) system […]


Monterey Bay DART Meetup – Cargo Drones

UCMBEST 3180 Imjin Rd, Marina, CA

A new generation of plane-sized autonomous delivery vehicles are capable of carrying hundreds of pounds for hundreds of miles. They’re called cargo drones. They are fast, more environmentally friendly, and could completely change the cargo industry. Delivery drones are being tested today that are designed to drop a single item nearby a target, which is […]


Monterey Bay DART Meetup – Sensors, Data & Applications for Ag & Natural Resources

UCMBEST 3180 Imjin Rd, Marina, CA

We'll be having a DART meetup on March 19, 2020! The topic is Sensors, Data & Applications for Agriculture & Natural Resources Management. We will have presentations by representatives from Micasense https://www.micasense.com/, who's mission is to help agriculture specialists and companies make informed decisions. Whether you’re providing advice for dozens of farms across half a continent or […]


Monterey Bay DART Meetup – TBD

UCMBEST 3180 Imjin Rd, Marina, CA

We'll be having a DART meetup on May 21, 2020! The topic is TBD, so stay tuned! If you would like buy tickets early, you can do so here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/monterey-bay-dart-meetup-tbd-tickets-74703844209


Drone Camp 2021


2021 will mark the fifth anniversary of Drone Camp, which was initially launched in 2016 by the UC Agriculture and Natural Resources at UC Davis. Over the years, Drone Camp has evolved into a multi-campus and industry collaborative intensive short course that provides comprehensive training on the use of drones for mapping and data collection. […]

$50 – $150

2021 Monterey Bay DART Symposium

Join us online and in-person for the 2021 Monterey Bay DART Symposium anchored at the UC Monterey Bay Education Science & Technology (UC MBEST) Center for industry insight panels, presentations, networking, and demonstrations of exciting new age technologies in globally expanding markets. Engage with leaders in these technological arenas, gain a first-hand glimpse into the unique […]